Training Courses

Our training courses are intensive and hands-on. We work with small groups up to 14 participants to ensure an optimal learning experience.

We deliver our courses and workshop in English or Dutch. Together with our German and French partners, we can also deliver in German or French. Code examples and programming exercises are available in different programming languages: Java, C#, Scala, Ruby, Python, Javascript, and TypeScript.

We offer both Open Enrollment courses and customized in-company courses. If you have a need that is not covered by an existing course, we are happy to make new ones for you. Our best courses got started by specific requests from our customers!

Our training courses

Agile Engineering

Agile/Scrum provides great focus on delivering in short cycles. To keep on delivering quality software with confidence, you need to master agile engineering principles & practices.

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Test Driven Development

TDD in once sentence: write a failing test, make it pass, refactor and repeat - easier said than done. Take a deep dive in growing your test driven development skills.

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Mastering Legacy Code

We all know 'em: those areas in your code base that need quite some courage to work on. Join us & learn techniques to make changes in these areas with confidence.

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Systems Thinking

Issues in teams and organisations are often tough to tackle. In retrospectives we tend to focus on symptoms. Learn techniques to explore systems behind symptoms and to act effectively.

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