Say what you want not how, a hands on session at the Joy of Coding Conference.


A hands on tutorial at the upcoming Joy of Coding conference in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, on March 7.


If you’ve ever struggled with programming a solution for a problem that had easy to describe constraints, but is difficult to implement, this session may be for you. Good programmers are lazy - so why waste your time implementing a solution when the computer can do it for you?

Full Description

In this session you will learn how to let the computer solve your problems with declarative programming.

What is Answer Set Programming?

It is a programming paradigm that allows the programmer to describe a problem and the requirements on the solutions in an intuitive way, rather than describing the algorithm to find the solutions to the problem. ASP (Answer Set Programming) is a declarative programming paradigm with its roots in knowledge representation and reasoning, a subset of artificial intelligence.

How does the session work?

In this session we’ll introduce you to the basic principles of this programming paradigm through guided exercises. You will get acquainted with concepts like negation as failure, closed world assumption and model generation.

Practical notes

If you have a laptop, please bring it. We’ll be programming in pairs, so if you don’t have a laptop you can work with someone else. We will be using the clingo program. You can install it on your own machine, or log in to our server with ssh. Installation on windows (easy) and mac (may be difficult): you can download it or if you use Debian and Ubuntu use the package manager: apt-get install gringo

See you at the Joy of Coding!

Join us for some hands-on fun! Learn how describing your problems is sometimes enough to get them solved.

There are still tickets available. QWAN is also proud sponsor of this event, so Contact us for a discount.

In case you wonder, session acceptance is unrelated to sponsoring, our other sesion got rejected… We hope to see you there!

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