QWAN Code smells and Refactoring cue cards

Our refactoring cue cards let you visualize refactorings easily. We designed them to teach code smells and refactoring. The cards are also handy to break down refactorings in work situations, for instance when doing a code review or while carrying out a set of refactorings.

Front side of the cardbox, depicting two smell cards and a
refactoring card stacked on each other.

Half of the deck consists of code smell cards, the other half explains refactorings. A smell card explains how to detect the smell and refers to possible refactorings that could help make it go away. Refactoring cards have a small diagram (a 'refactoring thumbnail) showing the before and after situation on one side, and an explanation of the refactoring mechanics on the other side.

An explanation on how to use them is on the back of the pack. The pack also contains a list of references and a few blank cards to add your own smells and refactorings.

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