Software development

Have we mentioned that we’re software developers? We are. And we’re passionate about the quality of our work.

We believe that for sustainable development, we need state-of-the-art practices like test driven development, continuous integration and relentless refactoring.


We can carry out software development projects for you, from start to finish. We work in very short cycles, so that you can start to get a return on your investment as soon as possible. Short cycles provide feedback on the quality we deliver, on the value it has to your end-users and on how well we collaborate. Short cycles will also give you early feedback on your requirements and you will have the opportunity to steer the project so that you will get the software you really need.

We develop software in a way that divides risks and rewards fairly between customer and supplier. We are recognized experts in agile software development; we know what works and what does not, we adapt our way of working to the needs of each project and continuously investigate new techniques. Our aim is always to find out how we can deliver more value to you.