About QWAN

Whether we train, coach or develop, we’ll sit with you, analyze your situation and find a solution tailored to your context. We prefer techniques from agile and lean software development like Scrum, Kanban, eXtreme Programming, and test driven development, and we always keep an eye on the goal: delivering value-adding software.

Benefits of our approach

By working with us, our customers have reduced their time to market, while improving software quality. This may seem like a paradox. We have found that by improving quality we can keep costs down and at the same time deliver faster. Whenever customers get software that ‘just works’ they become happier, so they complain less and tell their friends. Combined with a shorter time to market this means a better return on your investments. You can use that money to reward investors, employees or taxpayers and find even better ways to develop software, so that the virtuous cycle continues.

How we can uncover better ways depends on your context. Invite us for a conversation and together we can find out what we can do for you.

Why the name QWAN?

The concept of Quality Without a Name is based on the work of the architect Christopher Alexander , which has also been the inspiration for patterns in software development. “Quality Without a Name” means that good quality is something you can recognise, but it is difficult to describe in words: you know it when you see it. This names fits us, because we focus on improving ourselves and our profession continuously, and strive to deliver more value to our customers.

Our bios

Marc Evers

Marc works as an independent coach, trainer and consultant in the field of (agile) software development and software processes. Marc develops true learning organizations that focus on continuous reflection and improvement: apply, inspect, adapt.

He organizes workshops and conferences on agile and lean software development, extreme programming, systems thinking, theory of constraints, and effective communication. Marc is co-founder of the Agile Open and XP Days Benelux conferences.

Marc knows how to combine his real-world experience with knowledge that is out there to create novel solutions. He likes to add games to highly-rated workshops, so participants have fun and learn from experience.

Willem van den Ende

Willem is a Dutch eXtreme Programming pioneer. As a coach, developer and coach he guides organisations in introducing agile software development since 1999.

Rob Westgeest

After years of experience with Object Oriented Software Development with UML, several development processes and project approaches as developer, architect, trainer and project leader, Rob worked on his first XP project in 2000. And with great success! He supports projects and people in the application of agile practices, principles and values since then. Rob develops himself and others continuously by visiting, organising and hosting workshops at conferences and user group meetings like SPA, XP Days, XP-NL and Agile Open.

Rob explains hard problems in a simple way, so the problems and the solutions are easy to fathom. He is able to let others experience what he learned quickly, and so doing guides teams around pitfalls. His enthusiasm and sense of humor makes it a great pleasure to work with Rob.

QWAN Partners - company info

Westgeest Consultancy
Ypelaerstraat 7
5081 BS Hilvarenbeek
The Netherlands
Chamber of Commerce Tilburg: 18071671
VAT: NL 820447900 B01

Piecemeal Growth
Weidehoeve 9
3438 MD Nieuwegein
The Netherlands
Chamber of Commerce Utrecht: 30208887
VAT: NL 815179248 B01

Living Software Ltd
The Counting House
Church Farm Business Park
Bath BA2 9AP
United Kingdom
Company Registration No: 08849005
VAT: GB 179749243

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