Statler and Waldorf programming

Tags: eXtreme Programming,

Us three, having fallen into a conversation with code:

Me: “Hey, we are Mob Programming…”

Rob: “No we are not.”

Me: “Hmm. you’re right. Marc has had the keyboard for thirty minutes”

Rob: “You can have it”

Me: “No, then I can’t hold my coffee.”

Rob: “Marc, type “less-than p r e”

Me: “That CSS is rubbish”

Me: “This is more like Statler and Waldorf programming. I quite like it.”

Rob & Marc: “Blogpost!”

Rob: “Graphics should be easy to find”

This was one of three clips DuckDuckGo suggested. I’m in this picture when reviewing code or writing, and I’m not sure I like it.

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