QWAN sponsors /dev/summer in Cambridge, July 12


We’ve always been active in the UK, even more so now Willem has moved to the UK (although he is doing work on the continent as well).

So we’ve decided to sponsor a new one day conference for developers in Cambridge, on July 12. It’s called /dev/summer . It’s held on a saturday, so that developers who might otherwise not attend a conference can attend. As (recovering) conference addicts ourselves it is hard to imagine, but if some people work in projects with lots of pressure or in companies that don’t really understand the value of learning.

Anyway, it’s looking like its’ going to be a fun event. We already have a few sessions lined up. If you’re interested in running a talk or hands-on tutorial, the call for sessions is open.

We hope to see you there, even if it is just to add some more refactoring cards to your collection ;)

Dev Summer

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