We are Quality Without A Name, an initiative of pragmatic practitioners. We train and mentor teams, coach individuals and carry out bespoke development projects. We specialize in agile and lean software development.

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Our Services

Consultancy and Mentoring

We take a holistic, systemic approach to grow your development organization. An effective software development organization needs to attend to technical skills, agile processes, team organization, and personal growth.

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We deliver courses on (agile) software development. Small groups, intensive courses, hands on, VERY interactive ... & fun!

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Have we mentioned that we're software developers? We are. And we're passionate about the quality of our work. We believe that for sustainable development, we need state-of-the-art practices like test driven development, continuous integration and relentless refactoring.

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Our Blog


So, how is that lean call for /dev/summer sessions working?

So we are trying a leaner way of creating conference programs . How is it going so far with /dev/summer, the free one day event for developers? We took just two weeks to advertise the program of /dev/summer. Not too bad. We’re not facing a deluge of sessions on one hand, on the other hand, we got some nice sessions coming in, so after tomorrow night we probably can put together a program without turning many sessions away. On the one hand it’s great if you can be selective, on the other hand, it feels wasteful to have people propose and review sessions and then only run half or less of them. On the other, other hand, this also enables us to give feedback fast to the presenters.

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